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Survivor leads Team on a mission to fight cancer and to celebrate life

on Mar 30, 2016

W. Brock

"I owe my life to decades of research and scientific advances, and the fundraising that made it possible."

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A Powerful Story of Triumph

on Mar 07, 2016

To many of those familiar with Team In Training, I am sure my story is not an exceptional one. Yet to others, I am called inspirational, strong, a role-model. I am embarrassed by those terms. I have only done what I needed to in order to survive, and nothing that can't be done by almost anyone else, if they wanted to. For those new to TNT, maybe my story will help give additional meaning to the cause, and help motivate some to sign up for an event of their own. 


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Meet Coach Candice

on Feb 26, 2016


After I had my first baby I took up running to get back in shape. But it quickly turned into more then that for me. I honestly believe that running makes me a better mom, a better wife, a better friend. I have never been naturally athletic and found myself able to push myself to a 5k, a 10k and eventually my first Read full story ... 0 Comments