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Laura O'Rourke's Journey to the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend

on Sep 03, 2013


Below is an amazing article taken from super mom blogger Laura O'Rourke on her blog page Mommy Miracles. Laura has signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend this winter season.  


You can find more amazing stories on Laura's blog at



Hi, my name is Laura O’Rourke and I am addicted to running.

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Chris Fenton's Campaign: Survivorship $100K

on Aug 02, 2013

A video from Team In Training's Vice President Chris Fenton. Chris talks about his four month fundraising campaign, Survivorship 100 000, in which he celebrates four special women in his life. 



Beer Store President Ted Moroz Talks TNT

on Aug 15, 2013

Beer Store President Ted Moroz explains how easy it is to start a team with Team In Training. Ted Moroz is also an active member of the LLSC Board of Directors