Join Anastasia on June 14th - Nike Women’s Toronto 15K

on Apr 16, 2015

The Nike Women’s Series is bringing the party to Canada with the Nike Women’s Toronto 15K. The only way into the race is via lottery system, unless you get guaranteed entry with Team In Training; which is exactly what Montrealer Anastasia Botsis has done.


This is not Anastasia’s first TNT race, nor is it her first Nike Women’s series race- it is going to be her third. What started as a gesture to end her 29th year in a meaningful way; turned into a journey of races and finish lines.  Turning 30 meant she had to check at least 1 thing off the bucket list, after deciding to fundraise and train for San Francisco in 2012, she then completed Nike DC in 2014 and now has set her sights on Nike Toronto 2015. 


We were interested in knowing a bit more about what motivates Anastasia and what brings her back time and time again. Turns out, it is all about the cause that is near and dear to her heart.


Take a look at this Q&A w/ Anastasia Botsis.


Why did you join Team In Training?


I heard people talking about the program in the office. They said Team In Training was great and how much the staff and coaches help you. People said there was a Nike race in San Francisco. After listening to everyone talk about it so much, I had to experience it myself. 


Why did you choose your second event to be the Run NikeWomen’s Series DC race?


I decided to do TNT again because I was fundraising with a team. We wanted to do something to honour the memory of my friends’ boyfriend who recently passed away, he wasn’t even 30. When we sat down to pick a race, Nike in DC was being offered. We decided on that and A HUGE factor was that it was a Nike race. I knew it was going to be amazing, but I did DC with a team. We picked the Nike race because we knew it would be a good goal, a big race and festive. It would allow us to celebrate him and his memory. 


What do you enjoy about Team In Training?


I like that when you start, you don’t think you can do it, but TNT gets you to believe you can. When you have done it once, you want to do it again. Prove you can. TNT helps you and guides you and before you know it, you’ve completed that goal. The feeling you get when you cross that finish line is unbelievable and knowing you fundraised for the LLSC is like…nothing else. You can’t get the feeling again unless you do Team In Training again. 


What was your favorite part of the race?


Each race was different. The first time in San Francisco I called my sister minutes before crossing the finish line in tears, the feeling was so overwhelming I just needed to share this moment with my sister.  The second time around in DC we were an amazing team of LLSC staff. I had a teammate that stayed with me the entire 21.1k. Without her I would have been tempted to quit. Each finish line was breathtaking and ten times more exciting than I expected. The feelings! WOW! It’s like a flood of emotion. There is nothing like it. I highly recommend anybody to try it at least once in a life time.


How was fundraising for a cause? 


Each time it seems a little scary, but by now, I saw $750 and said “NO PROBLEM”, I can do $750. People want to help. I am always surprised of how many people actually helped me out and it is so touching to see all the support I have been getting.  Fundraising has given me a chance to spend some extra time with friends, family, and coworkers- people who I may not have seen outside the office. 


What made you join TNT again? 


After San Francisco, I said it was my first & last one. After DC, I said I was crazy to register again and I would never do it again. Training is very hard on me physically and I didn’t want to go through it again. When I heard about Nike Toronto, I couldn’t say no. I had done two other events and I wear my necklaces every day; this one was in Canada; I had to do it. For the first time, I will have my family at the finish line. They will all drive to Toronto to be with me and be there to cheer me on. The fundraising commitment was low, the event was close to home and people are still getting sick with Cancer. I had to, you know. In the end, it was an easy choice. 




Join Anastasia on June 14th, Nike Women’s Toronto 15K

Together, We Train To Beat Cancer 

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