Join me for the Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon & ½!

on Nov 02, 2015


Join me for the Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon & ½!


I am at it again, my 4th TNT event.  I have run the gamut….literally! Nike Women’s Full marathon in 2012, Tinkerbell ½ marathon in 2014, Rock N Roll San Diego ½ this past May and now Rock N Roll New Orleans on February 28th, 2016!  There is a great team of alumni running with me this year; join us!


I began working at the LLSC in March of 2012 and signed up for my first TNT event in May that same year.  My motivation was simple: to honour my grandfather who was battling multiple myeloma and had been for years.  As time progressed, I met many patients, survivors and families of those who have lost love ones, and my motivation has expanded.  In April of 2014 my grandfather lost his battle so I unfortunately now run in his memory…but this is the reason why I run and continue to fundraise year after year.  It was due to advancements in treatment that his battle lasted so long, and we are thankful for the years we did get to spend with him. 


As an alumni (and staff member) I know that yes, it can be difficult to fundraise. BUT reaching my goal is much easier with the support provided by the our TNT staff, mentors and coaches.  The key is making a plan for reaching your goal and following the necessary steps to ensure your success. Review your plan with your local TNT staff member to ensure you are on the right track and pick fundraisers that your friends and family will support!  And the most important thing when it comes to fundraising (and training) is to have fun!!! What do you love to do in your spare time?  How can you turn your hobbies into a fundraiser? 


At the end of each day, go for a run…or do something for yourself, and send one email or do one social media post about what you are doing and your motivation for doing it.  This will keep your goal as a priority while keeping you grounded at the same time. 


I am always happy to share my fundraising ideas and successes, so please contact me at 


Watch for another entry in December when I fundraise by donating 8+ inches of my hair…again!



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