Nadine Antle of CBC- TNT Power Team

on Feb 24, 2015

Several months ago the staff at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) approached Nadine Antle of CBC to be a part of the TNT Power Team. She’ll be participating in this year’s Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon 10k.  Although she had never been approached to participate in a program such as this before her decision to join TNT came without much hesitation. “Saying yes was an easy decision when I thought about all of the people close to me who have lost their battles with cancer,” says Nadine.


Nadine ran the 5k at the Bluenose a couple of years ago and is now seeking a new challenge in training and fundraising. “I've called this my $10K, 10K.  I'm hoping I can cross both the fund raising and physical finish lines. As of February 5th I'm almost half way there,” she says.


Nadine is delighted to be representing CBC as part of the TNT Power Team. She’ll be doing this while supporting the LLSC with one of the highest fundraising goals of any current participant in the region. She’s presently leading the Power Team in total funds raised and is setting the benchmark for what it means to be a TNT Champion! 


*The TNT Power Team is an exclusive group of handpicked, community leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of those living with blood cancer.


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