Scott Kehoe

on May 20, 2016


My name is Scott Kehoe and just over five years ago I was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Living life now as a cancer survivor has been nothing short of incredible and my journey is what has led me to the 2016 BMO Vancouver Marathon with Team in Training. 


I was diagnosed with Leukemia on November 4, 2010. At the time of my diagnosis I was training for a triathlon with five of my closest friends. Having been active my entire life, my post collegiate athletic career left me craving new challenges, so the six of us decided that together we would begin training for a triathlon with hopes that it would lead us to bigger ventures, possibly even our first ever Ironman. I always thrived on pushing my body both physically and mentally, but little did I know my training efforts would quickly be sidetracked. My battle would no longer be in the pool, on a bike, or on the pavement but rather in the hospital room. On the date of my diagnosis my training came to an immediate halt as I was admitted that same day to Vancouver General Hospital. 


For many individuals Cancer can bring on all kinds of challenges, both mentally and physically. For me it was simply my next challenge. I took that challenge head on and focused all my efforts on my fight. While Cancer had taken a foothold on my body I refused to let it take over my mind. Through positivity and an incredible support network of family and friends, I overcame multiple hospital admissions, Chemotherapy, outpatient clinics visits, tests, and even a short stint in the ICU. It was during my journey that I had my first exposer to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Team In Training.


I truly believe that an immediate path to wellness can be achieved through physical fitness so in December 2011, just over a year after I was initially admitted to Hospital, the same five friends and I who were originally training for a triathlon all registered for the 2012 BMO Vancouver Marathon with Team In Training. Together we were able to raise over $10,000 and I completed my first every full marathon just 1 year, 6 months and 1 day from the day I was diagnosed. This was my first event with Team In Training and it was nothing short of amazing. The support, training and team comradery that was developed by the staff at TNT was second to none.


Since the BMO marathon in 2012 I have gone on to become a certified group fitness instructor with the focus of helping others achieve both their personal and physical goals. I have also recently launched an online peer-to-peer initiative called Project 5ive which seeks to help inspire and support post cancer survivors with their transition back to everyday living and happiness. Knowing the best way to inspire others is through leadership, the time has come for me to tackle the BMO once again, this time the Half-Marathon. Having had such an incredible experience with Team In Training the first time, there was never a doubt I would be joining them again for the 2016 event. The team at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Team In Training, and its partnering members have been an incredible source of support. They go above and beyond and even on the rainiest of training days always meet you with a smile. They inspire you to achieve so much more and because of them I am thrilled to be part of the 2016 BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon Team in Training team with the ambition of finishing this year’s race with a personal record of less than 1 hour and 40 minutes.


Team In Training has not only support me through my journey, but thousands of others as well. The 2016 BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon is my way of showcasing how far we have come in the war against cancer and hopefully inspiring other cancer patients and survivors  that they can win their fight as well.

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