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Moms In Training, Moms committed to reaching their personal goals while helping cancer patients reach theirs.

There's no influence like a mom's. It's a power that can do good for blood cancer patients everywhere; which is why we're looking for moms and moms-to-be to join us.

The program is geared towards moms with kids of all ages looking to get in shape and help save lives while doing it. It's called Moms In Training (MIT), inspired by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) premier fundraising campaign, Team In Training.

MIT meets the needs of today's busy moms. It's a flexible 8-10-week workout program where moms come together to get in shape while raising funds for cancer treatments. Once training is completed, you will have the opportunity to complete a run/walk event in your community with family, friends and neighbours cheering you on!


Here's what MIT will do for you:

  • Get in shape and reach personal goals

  • Flexible workout schedules

  • Meet other moms in your communities

  • Create social networking groups

  • Help each other with training and fundraising

  • Attend events throughout the season for you and your family

Here's what you will do for cancer patients:

  • Help save lives

  • Raise funds for cancer research

  • Contribute to the LLSC goal of a world without blood cancers.

Fundraising Package:

  •  Raise $500


Join us and other moms in your community. 

Get In Shape. Meet Moms. Fight Cancer.


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