Power Team Member – Roger Sinclair – SBW Wealth Management

on Apr 13, 2016

Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon




Everyone has a motivation for participating in an endurance event. For some it’s pride, others may be looking to improve their fitness, some people even do it because someone else told them that they couldn’t. For Roger Sinclair that motivation is simple. It’s his daughter. 


In May of 2004 while away at a conference Roger received a phone call from his wife Lisa, she was relaying news that no parent ever wants to hear. His daughter Abigail, had Leukemia. 


Roger was able to catch the last flight home that night and rushed to the IWK to see his family. “My little girl was still awake as she didn’t want to go to sleep until her Daddy got home and we were all together. Lisa and I were never so scared in our lives.  Our cancer journey had started that day” says Roger.


While their journey had ups and downs over the 2 years and 3 months that Abigail was going through treatment, the Sinclairs were fortunate in that the processes went more or less as the medical team had outlined. Roger is quick to acknowledge those that helped them along the way, “we were and will always be grateful beyond words for the care given by the oncology team at 6 north at the IWK.”


Today Abigail is a beautiful and healthy 15 year old. She loves school and to travel but her passion is performing on stage in musicals. 


“Our story has a happy ending thanks to all the funds raised over the years for leukemia research,” says Roger. To honour his daughter and so many others affected by these diseases, Roger will be lacing up his sneakers on Scotiabank Bluenose Weekend and has committed to raising $2500 or more with the Team In Training Power Team for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.


Roger is a Founder & Partner at SBW Wealth Management and will be completing the 10k on May 22nd at the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon with Team In Training. For more info on SBW Wealth Management visit: http://www.sbwdirection.com/ 


*The TNT Power Team is an exclusive group of handpicked, community leaders who want to make adifference in the lives of those living with blood cancer.


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