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Corporate Teams

Forming a corporate TNT team gives employees the experience of working together to achieve an important goal and forges new bonds outside the workplace. Employees receive benefits in health and fitness, team-building, social networking, and the feeling of satisfaction in joining a mission everyone can relate to: curing cancer! Corporations receive the benefit of healthier, happier, more productive employees who have a greater sense of loyalty to the company that supports their efforts.

  • Increases your brand strength and loyalty by aligning yourself with the LLSC

  • TNT falls in line with existing charitable giving, volunteer, or corporate responsibility programs

  • A collective goal motivates various departments to work together

  • Relationships built outside the workplace will enhance productivity

  • Training promotes team work and boosts employee morale

  • Offers a unique and effective health and wellness option resulting in increased energy and improved overall wellbeing

  • Employees develop a sense of belonging and corporate pride

  • Opportunities for corporate visibility throughout training and on race day

  • Working together to help fund life-saving cancer research builds a strong community spirit


***There is no cost to the company to receive any of these benefits***

Learn more about the available team recognition and team building benefits by viewing our Corporate Teams Package.

If you would like to learn more about forming a Corporate Team, please contact:

Amanda Pineiro, Campaign Coordinator

Phone: 902-422-5999



Thank you to our existing Corporate Teams:

Intact Insurance
Steele Subaru

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  • Soutien pour la collecte de fonds
  • Participation aux activités se déroulant le week-end de l’événement
  • Entraînement personnalisé
  • Programme d’entraînement flexible T-shirt en tissu technique

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Apprenez-en davantage sur Team In Training en visitant notre site ou demandez à ce qu’on communique avec vous.

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